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COVID-19 Update

If you have followed Fly Infinite Horizons from the beginning, you're already familiar with the original planned departure date of March 2021.

Unfortunately, that is no longer realistic.

Read Trevor's full update here:

December 31, 2020: 

The end of a disruptive and troubling year is just hours away, and many are hoping the New Year will bring a renewal of spirits and a return to normalcy. Unfortunately, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the Fly Infinite Horizons world flight to be postponed. The trip will happen, but it's going to look quite a bit different than planned. Sadly, the March 2021 departure is no longer remotely realistic, and the original plan won't be executed as scheduled. I will share a new departure date as soon as one is determined. 


There is undoubtedly hope for major vaccination efforts around the globe in 2021, but the harsh reality is there are still too many uncertainties about travel restrictions and logistics. This effectively ends any chance at safely departing on a trip of this scale in 2021. As pilots, it's our responsibility to determine the safest and most responsible way to execute a flight plan in its entirety. In this case, postponement and discretion is the responsible course of action. 


The delay will mean missing a chance at setting a new world record and becoming the youngest person to fly solo around the world. Personally, I'm not disappointed by this. For me, developing Fly Infinite Horizons and flying solo around the world was never about getting my name in some record book. It was about inspiring anyone of any age to not just pursue aviation careers but find ways to turn their dreams into realities. Flying around the world appeals to me because of the adventure and aviation challenges it offers, not the titles associated with it. 


While postponing the trip is disappointing, the delay not only provides additional time for me to earn valuable experiences in the cockpit, but also time on the ground to transform the educational efforts of Fly Infinite Horizons far beyond what was originally planned. There are several exciting new aspects of the project that are in the works, and more updates about them will be coming soon. 


One other change has also occurred. The Cessna 210 originally selected as the aircraft for the trip will no longer be used. Updates about the new airplane will be coming in mid-2021. 


I could not be more grateful to the remarkable FIH team that has stood by me since day one of this project. Having the support of so many wonderful aviators and professionals has been a privilege, and I look forward to continuing to work with such a vast, diverse, and spirited team as we adapt to the challenges facing Fly Infinite Horizons. I've spent a lot of time reflecting on the tests we've all faced this year, both inside and outside of aviation, and I believe brighter times are on the horizon. Cheers to a better 2021, and an around-the-world adventure that ultimately will not only be different, but better, in the long run.  

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