The Team

Trevor Simoneau

Pilot, Founder of Fly Infinite Horizons

Josh Flowers

Matt Guthmiller

Tom Frick

CFII, Founder of Aviation101

Youngest Person to Fly Solo Around the World at 19


Arnaldo Santiago

Jason Schappert

Lochie Ferrier

Instrument Pilot, Mechanical Engineer

CFII, Founder of

CFI, Flight Test Engineer

Christy Wong


Ed Gibson

A&P & IA

Barbara Walters-Phillips

Education Team, STEM Educator

Pat Phillips, Esq.

Robert Perez

Eileen Simoneau


Communications Team

Education/Communications Team

CC Smith

Laura DuBose

Communications Team

Communications Team

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FIH is the fulfillment of one boy's dream and the inspiration for countless others to seek careers in aviation and related fields in STEM. To Fly Infinite Horizons means expanding knowledge, exploring cultures, seeking adventure and embracing what the world of aviation offers.

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