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Airplane Above the Clouds

Fly Infinite Horizons is 17-year-old Trevor Simoneau's brainchild and heart's passion. For Trevor, a dream that took flight figuratively in 2015 - when he formed his own apparel company to finance his aviation training and education - will take flight literally in 2022. Departing from the storied Space Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center, Trevor will set off on a solo circumnavigation of the globe aiming to become one of the youngest people to complete the quest.   

Fly Infinite Horizons goes far beyond merely a solo circumnavigation flight. For students around the world Fly Infinite Horizons will be a catalyst to pursue careers in aviation; an invitation to embrace science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) opportunities.


Throughout the three month adventure, Trevor will host hands-on aviation and STEM seminars and workshops at elementary, middle and high schools around the world. The aim is to plant the seed for students around the world to realize that they can become pilots, engineers, mechanics, air traffic controllers, astronauts, or scientists. 

Fly Infinite Horizons is based on the principal of having a quality pilot matched with a team that is laser focused on mission success. The approach concentrates on proper preparation, professional team collaboration, a commitment to safety, dedication to education, and sharing the adventure. 

Sharing the Adventure

The Fly Infinite Horizons mission reaches beyond inspiring students around the world with live educational workshops. Trevor is sharing the entire adventure, both the training and trip, on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Follow along to gain insight into one of the most complicated large-scale international general aviation adventures possible. Fly Infinite Horizons content will cover international flight planning, airspace systems, air traffic control procedures, and far more, bringing you along for the entire adventure!   

Fly Infinite Horizons

FIH is the fulfillment of one boy's dream and the inspiration for countless others to seek careers in aviation and related fields in STEM. To Fly Infinite Horizons means expanding knowledge, exploring cultures, seeking adventure and embracing what the world of aviation offers.

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