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Trevor Simoneau began flight training at age 13, flying a Schweizer 2-33 glider. He soloed the 2-33 at age 14 and began PPL training at age 15. Trevor soloed a Cessna 172P on his 16th birthday in June 2019. Trevor is currently completing Instrument flight training. 

Dedicated training for the around the world flight began in July 2020. Trevor's training focuses on applying basic flight skills to the realm of possible scenarios he may encounter while flying around the world. With an emphasis on heavy instrument cross country flying, Trevor will complete oceanic crossing training, mountain flying training, and wilderness survival training. 

Trevor has enlisted a flight advisory team to review his training record and the additional training necessary prior to departing on the Fly Infinite Horizons mission. His team will assist with throughout the trip serving as mentors. The team includes a distinguished panel of advisors who are volunteering their time and expertise to ensure the highest likelihood of success for the Fly Infinite Horizons mission. 

Training Timeline

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