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Aviate. Navigate. Educate.

Fly Infinite Horizons is so much more than 17-year-old Trevor Simoneau's solo circumnavigation of the globe. For students around the world, Fly Infinite Horizons will be a catalyst to pursue careers in aviation; an invitation to embrace science technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) opportunities. 

The trip is currently slated to begin in early 2022 from the Space Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center, a location steeped in history and triumph. From this auspicious starting point, Trevor hopes that students worldwide will see reflections of their own infinite possibilities at each of the 27 stops in 18 countries that will make up this record-setting journey. 

Throughout the three month adventure, Fly Infinite Horizons will share the worldwide adventure via social media and hands-on STEM workshops and seminars for elementary, middle and high school students, all while raising awareness for the Astronauts Memorial Foundation and The Center for Space Education.


Fly Infinite Horizons is the fulfillment of one boy's dream and the inspiration for countless others to seek careers in aviation and related field in STEM. To Fly Infinite Horizons means expanding knowledge, exploring cultures, seeking adventure and embracing what the world of aviation has to offer.  

Sharing aviation and making it accessible

to students from any background.

Our Mission

Seminar and workshop details coming soon 

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